3 thoughts on “Ex-MSNBC Host: ‘July 4th Wasn’t Independence Day For Black People’

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  2. Nothing, absolutely nothing, will satiate the hatred that most of the black community has for the whites. It is ingrained in all of us daily and is shoved down our throats because that is the trend. The media relishes feeding on this hatred and is the cause of all of the division and strife that is spreading throughout our country. Most of us would like to move on and heal, but the media keeps the hatred alive because that’s what they are paid to do. Maybe most of you aren’t aware or were told that NONE of us were here when the first slave ship came to the shores of this country. We are not responsible for the actions of our ancestors. Yes, we were born white and we had no choice in that. God made everybody different and He happened to make you black. Get over it and move on. CRT is meant to make us feel ashamed of who we are and hate ourselves for what our ancestors did. There is opportunity for all today but too many prefer to take the lazy path and take charity and continue feeding off the welfare system while the rest of us go to work everyday to feed all of you and your abundant children. We love our freedom and traditions, which includes celebrating July 4. You have the option of enjoying the free holiday. Now you have June Thirteenth, which is YOUR independence day. And believe it or not, we celebrate with you. Happy Fourth!

    1. You are so right. Nothing, absolutely nothing, will satisfy the black community’s leaders as long as the media gives them the spotlight. What about the Indentured servants? What about the slavery that exists at this moment in Africa and other countries? Why does the black community try to sully everything that represents this country? Statues, Literature. Art. They are free to go to whatever country they think will put up with their demands.
      I lived two years among the native Americans in New Mexico. when they accepted me, a white woman assigned to the Public Health service, they made it clear they had no use for “do-gooders’ and my job was not in that category unless I put myself there. They made it clear that what my great-great ancestors might have done (and probably weren’t involved) to their great-great ancestors had nothing to do with our relationship now.The blacks could take a lesson from some of the most oppressed, lied to, and second-classed people in this country.

  3. It’s free country. If you don’t want to celebrate “Fourth of July”, then by all means, don’t! That’s you’re business! And because it is a free country, I will
    celebrate it. That’s my business! So to all those who don’t, “mind your business!”

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