Boy Dies After Getting Body-Slammed Nearly 30 Times

A 7-year-old boy in Taiwan who was allegedly body-slammed 27 times during judo practice — by both his classmates and coach — suffered a brain hemorrhage and was ultimately removed from life support, a report Tuesday said.

The BBC, citing the Taipei Times, reported that the coach has been charged with assault and using a minor to commit a crime, but his charges would likely be upgraded to include or be replaced by “injury causing death.”

The boy reportedly attended a judo practice in April and suffered a brain hemorrhage after the repeated injuries. He slipped into a coma and was on life support for 70 days, according to the reports. 

“I still remember that morning when I took him to school,” the unidentified boy’s mother previously told local outlets. “He turned around and said, ‘Mama goodbye.’ By night, he had become like this.”

The young victim’s uncle reportedly videotaped the allegedly violent class. Footage of the incident purportedly shows the boy being thrown by older classmates acting on orders from the coach, according to the report. The coach even allegedly took a turn.

Then, when the child fell unconscious, the instructor allegedly accused him of feigning the injury, the report said. 

The report identified the coach by his surname, Ho, and said investigators determined he was not a licensed instructor. 

Ho was ultimately released on bail equivalent to about $3,583, according to the BBC. If convicted, he reportedly faces up to life in prison. 

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    1. Exactly what I think everyone is thinking. What kind of a person stands by and lets this happen? They should sentence this so called instructor to be body slammed until he lapses into a coma and dies.

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