Viral Video Proves Aliens Are Among Us

A viral video has been making the rounds that pretty clearly shows what is known in UFO circles as a “gray” alien walking in front of the camera. The video that shows a “strange figure” walking down a road in Jharkhand, India, has sparked a frenzy on social media.  

Chilling footage of what is now being called the “Jharkhand alien” has been shared thousands of times on Twitter. The video emerged after a group of motorcyclists appeared to film a mysterious figure walking down a poorly lit road in Jharkhand, a state in eastern India. At first glance, UFO enthusiasts have claimed, the tall and slender figure appears to resemble a character straight out of an X-file episode. The viral video clip shows the figure emerge from the dark, illuminated by the front lights of the group’s motorcycles.

The bikers seem to approach the figure with some degree of trepidation, and they can be heard talking to one another. At one point towards the end of the brief clip, the figure turns around and looks at the group before continuing down the road and into the darkness.

The video has sparked a number of bizarre theories, with some claiming it was a ghost and others suggesting it was an alien visitor.

Ashutosh Gautam, the person or posted the original video to Twitter, even tagged NASA in the tweet in a bid to share the video far and wide.

Scott Waring, a popular UFO hunter, and conspiracy theorist has weighed in on the bizarre clip, unsurprisingly claiming the figure is an alien. He analyzed the footage on his UFO blog,, where he frequently posts questionable pictures and videos of UFO reports from around the globe.

He said of the “Jharkhand alien,” “A strange figure was seen…resembling an alien or ghostly figure was recorded along a road in India this week. Motorists were riding past when one motorcyclist with a helmet cam recorded a strange figure walking carelessly along the road.”

Waring continues, “The figure looks human enough. However, its arms are 20 percent longer than humans. The whitish figure looks to be wearing a skin-tight outfit, or they are nude.”

Waring went on to claim aliens have finally taken a step towards revealing themselves to us – but he fears the bikers squandered the opportunity. He added, “Aliens are getting closer and closer; my advice when you see one, stop and chat with it. Perhaps it wanted to give the cure to COVID to someone, but no one would approach it.”

Concluding his analysis, Waring said, “Perhaps it wanted to give them the secrets to immortality, and yet, no one cared enough to approach it and greet the alien.” 

However, others seem to think that the video is something a little more down to Earth, if not still somewhat unusual – a very skinny nude woman taking a stroll. In fact, since the video has gone viral, one of the men who was there and actually shot the video contacted a local Indian news channel and told them that is exactly what it was, not an alien, not a ghost, but a very naked lady!

Deepak, one of the men, told Jan Doot News that he and his friend were returning to Seraikela when they spotted the strange woman walking naked. While they were initially scared by the sight and continued on their way, they returned a few minutes later to film the woman.

“It was a lady walking down the road without clothes… The clip circulating online is 30-second long. I have the full video of one and a half minutes,” said Deepak in Hindi.

He also told the reporter that the video was not filmed in Hazaribagh, as has been widely claimed online, but in Seraikela in Kharsawan district.

“We were returning to Seraikela from Chakradharpur after attending a funeral of a friend’s mother. We got scared when we first saw the woman and stopped at a shop near the highway. When a few others reached the spot, we asked if they too saw the woman. She was not a witch. She was a woman, and this was also confirmed by other passers-by,” said Deepak.

As of now, there is no information as to who the woman was and why she was walking in the nude. Local authorities say the matter is under investigation.

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  1. I’ve seen 3 UFO’s in Detroit Michigan in the early 1990’s. I was driving on the expressway toward downtown Detroit when my 15 yr old daughter said “look mom!!”. I told her it was just a plane with the sun shining on it. She said “no Mom!” look!!! I glanced up over the building and saw 3 silver saucer-like things hovering in the sky. Then all of a sudden, they started moving around and changed positions in the sky. From that day on, I had no doubt about UFO’s. Are we so smug to think that out of all the planets in the Universe, that we are the only ones that exist and that we are the only ones who can fly? No question. They exist.

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