6 thoughts on “Things Look Bad for Ivanka Trump… and Its About to Get Even Worse

  1. …..And WE can hire investigators and legal teams to go after the investigators investigating all of the Trump family. Two can play the same game. Hopefully, the investigators get put to death along with the Congress people forcing the investigation, namely, Pelosi and Shumer for starters.

  2. I wish they had this much scrutiny for the Biden clan. What about being beholdened to China, Russia and the Ukraine? The gynormous salaries for no expertise for Hunter Biden? Why no curiosity and investigation by the mainstream media?

    1. You can go on and on all you want about Trump this Trump that but the truth is:
      Trump is a conning Criminal who does not give a shit about anyone but his selfish self.
      Right now he is stealing money from follow republicans and fooling them all.
      And those who tag along with his bullshit are going to end up under the Bus.
      Get smart and move on to someone who is smart.

  3. What con has he committed? And for someone who doesn’t give a crap why is he the first president that actually helped the little guy. He brought the stimulus checks to the American people, not O’biden, not jobama. He sent hundreds of thousands of dollars to ship mobile housing to the hurricane victims and he wasn’t even president. He got drug cost lowered for people who can’t afford their medications. He gave us better tax deductions, he put a cap on how much rich people can claim on real estate interest. He stopped illegals from coming here illegally. Presidents as far back as I could remember promised to secure our borders and the only one to get it done was Trump. Do you have kids? If you have a little girl she is now going to be forced to share a shower, a locker room, and a bathroom with a little boy who wants to play dress up. You’re a fool if you think Trump needs any ones money. Seems to me that the only people being thrown under the bus and being eaten by their own are the democrats. Get educated and move on to something you know something about. You sound ignorant. Fact check before you speak. I’ve been following Trump for over 50 years and you can’t come close to being the man he is. BTW you should change your name to clueless.

  4. Wow I believe you got one right.you know the separating parents from their children.the rest of those accomplishments are just pie in the sky. I don’t know where you came up trump doing those things. It must be that alternative world where alternative facts are th norm.

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