3 thoughts on “The UFO from the Pentagon Report was Recently Seen Over England

  1. Are the pictures we are seeing that have great details shown actual pictures or artist’s interpretations?

  2. It would seem that we’ve been “visited” for years. Could be, it’s time for someone to say, “Hello.”

  3. Weather they’re real or not, and l believe they are, this government, or any other government on the planet, cannot be trusted or expected to tell the truth about just about anything. There’s been claims of abductions that are hard to simply to dismiss! People that claim to have been abducted, all seem to be shaken and horrified from their claimed experience. Alien technology would be FAR advanced from ours, as they will have gotten hear by far exceeding the speed of light, something Einstein said is impossible, and his reasoning is completely logical. This “alien”” technology also has found a way to defy gravity, as no living organism could withstand the unbelievable rates of acceleration these “craft” display! What kind of propeltion systems do they have to to achieve such impossible unworldly maneuvers? Are they manned by robot? Or are they themselves robotic? How do they transmit their findings back to their home planet when no known forms of communication can travel faster than the speed of light? “Worm holes”? That’s just a theory, to us, but maybe not to “them”! Surely there other planets in our Milky Way Galaxy, with it’s billions of stars all with the possibility of their own solar systems, and if those solar systems are significantly older than ours and have life on one or even some of their planets those civilizations would probably have advanced technology because of their age that we have yet to attain somewhere in our future. God created life on Earth in his own image. But what about all the other planets in not only our own Milky Way galaxy, but all the other billions(!) of galaxy’s in our universe! There are probably TRILLIONS of habitable planets out there! So, don’t write off UFO’s or UAP’s, the government’s stupid new term, that’s like calling a rock a stone, or a stone a rock! Idiotic discombobulated foolishness, rather than just getting on with with the truth, something that they are incapable of, and know nothing about!

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