6 thoughts on “Trump Wishes a Happy Father’s Day ‘to All,’ Even the ‘Losers of the World’

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  2. To Molly Jong-Fast and the other “losers” to which PRESIDENT TRUMP refers: he is far from America’s Failure. He was restoring this country to its greatness and would have finished doing so were it not for the scum rats stealing the election. Yes, STEALING the election. We are paying the price now not having PRESIDENT TRUMP in office. But he will be back.

    1. ‘Blanket’ statements with no substance don’t deserve to be acknowledged. If you really believe Trump was a good leader, please enumerate the reasons why. I am being honest when I say….I can’t think of any thing…maybe some adjustments to fair trade, but that’s it. A leader may not be the smartest person in the room, but if she/he is a skilled leader, they hired the most EXPERIENCED people. Then the leader LISTENS to these people (who are more qualified in their field of expertise) in order to guide everyone to a positive and well researched decision. America had a fair and democratic election, just because some people didn’t like the results, doesn’t give you the right to change the results. I didn’t like the results 2017, but I worked for 4 years to help see that a more competent administration was elected. That is what a patriot does.

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