Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Face Backlash For ‘Propaganda’ Video

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are facing backlash from Republicans after starring in a short video warning viewers about the dangers of voter suppression. 

The couple have been accused of spreading ‘propaganda’ after taking to social media to share the video, set in the year 2055 when democracy is said to be ‘dead’ and voters have ‘no voice’.

An aged Bloom and Perry transmit their message back to the year 2021 and encourage the viewers of the ‘past’ to save democracy by contacting senators and pushing for the passing of the For the People Act.

See the video below:

The For the People Act is intended to expand voting rights and change campaign finance laws to reduce the influence of money in politics, according to Entertainment Tonight, with Perry and Bloom’s video aiming to portray a world after ‘the voting rights bills died in the Senate.’

Many social media users have shared the video across different platforms, but the video has prompted backlash from some Republicans and critics online.

Speaking to the MailOnline, Republican Rep Andy Biggs claimed the video was an example of ‘more celebrities promoting legislation they most likely haven’t even read.’

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom (PA Images)

Describing Bloom and Perry as ‘out-of-touch personalities,’ the Republican claimed ‘everyday Americans are tired of the fake virtue signaling’ from those who are ‘high on star-power and kowtow to deranged Hollywood wokism.’

He added: ‘They should spend more energy building a backbone than acting on fear of being cancelled.’

Meanwhile, one Twitter user responded to the video to suggest Bloom should be focusing more on British politics, writing: ‘What in the wild wild world of blatant propaganda is this? Total Cringe and isn’t he British? They have the same types of laws that are being passed.’

Another person wrote: ‘Continuing to spread false narrative is so brave of them.’

Alongside the video in her Instagram post, Perry explained how the For the People Act ‘restores and protects the very foundation of our democracy: voting.’ The bill has passed in the House of Representatives but is now stalled in the Senate, which is why Perry and Bloom are encouraging people to reach out to their local senators.

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  1. It’s amazing how many people believe the lies & don’t realize that it’s the democrats not the Republicans who are encouraging voter suppression & worse. We are doomed.

  2. They think their opinion is all that matters. Bloom was born in the UK so he has no say here. And yes they are out of touch with how the average American lives and are not educated about laws. Stick to music and acting, which they know best.

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