2 thoughts on “Republicans Urge Joe Biden to Replace Kamala Harris

  1. Kamala is a total farce and a disgrace to this country. She serves simply as a token Asian-Afro-American or for whatever ethnicity she currently wishes to represent. She doesn’t seem to know her role. Her constant laughter at the sheer mention of the border crisis is a perfect example of her blatant disregard for the security of our country, which she despises. She, along with her communist cronies, need to be given a taste of harsh reality. Have them experience the same repercussions as a result of their reckless actions as they have on the hard-working Americans who have made this country what it is. Their only desire is to destroy it and elevate our enemies and leave our country defenseless. Kamala, Satan is your only friend.

    1. Kamala is an intelligent woman. I believe identifying root causes is what is required. I despise this ignorant name calling of leaders rather than addressing issues.

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