Alone and Afraid: People Share The Terrifying Things That Happened To Them While Home Alone

Everyone has gotten scared at sometime while they were alone. It’s inevitable. But while most of us have been able to explain exactly what we saw or heard, sometimes there just is no explanation or the truth is too terrifying to even begin to grasp.

1. There was heavy tapping on all the windows around my house. Whatever it was seemed to be moving around tapping at every window with extreme speed. It didn’t answer to my repeated screams as to who or what it was. Then it stopped, almost as if it lost interest in toying with me.


2. I was raised by my grandmother and when she passed I continued to live in her house for a time until my family sold it on, one morning I was tidying and heard a creaking in her room (I never went in there once she passed), I just assumed it was in my head. Then following that I heard a coughing noise and it sounded exactly like my grans, she had a cough I could recognize, I guess from being around her so much? anyway that really freaked me out.


3. My grandma told me that after her husband died if she left the bedroom door open when she slept she had dreams that he was coming into her bedroom but when she shut the door the dreams went away. Shortly before she died she told me “Now he comes in even when the door is shut.”


4. My cousin and I went to Dallas together but he had to stay an extra day for work so I came back to his house on my own. He lives on top of a hill in a big ol’ house and it was a bit creepy.

I was just lounging around when I hear what sounded like some heavy footsteps running a few steps and suddenly stopping. HOLY CRAP. I have a major freak out. Went to check the doors to make sure they were locked. Front door, locked. Side door, locked. Back door…. OH. MY. GOD. Not only unlocked but slightly open. I decided to go through the house and found nothing. Closets, under beds, everywhere. I don’t see anything out of the ordinary. Footsteps continued every once in a while. I was pretty sure I was going to die that night.


5. 10am on a Saturday morning I was in bed petting my very bossy cat, who had pushed my bedroom open a few minutes prior, when I saw my dad.

The entry to the kitchen is just that, an entrance, there is no door. I saw him in his over sized black shorts and miscellaneous old tee shirt cross the kitchen entry way. First I thought, why the fuck he is not at work then I realized that he wasn’t wearing his glasses… which led me to think he must be sick. So I get up despite my dickhead cat’s nasty face and walk into the kitchen to ask him if he is feeling ok.No one was there. No one was home, all the doors were still locked. I wasn’t afraid, but turning that corner and expecting to see a person and seeing nothing but a bright empty room was very creepy.


6. Actually happened to me a few days ago. I was procrastinating on reddit, just reading about soccer and stuff at around 3 or 4 am in my empty dorm room. All of a sudden I feel FUCKING TERRIFIED. I have never been as scared like that before, it was just a feeling of blind panic with goosebumps, cold sweat and all. The strangest thing of all is that there was no reason why I should be scared, no strange noises, no looming figures, nothing. Just pure fear.

A lot of people have suggested that this may have been a panic attack but having had panic attacks before, I can say this experience was different. This was more of an instinctual fear, like being stalked and hunted by something unseen. I had a gut feeling that if I got up to turn the lights off or moved at all something bad would happen so I merely stayed as still and quite as possible.


7. It was 2 AM and I was bored so I went out to this park a bit out of town to go biking. It, for the most part, is surrounded by trees at all ends with a running/biking track that goes around the park. The park was lined with street lights though, so you could vaguely see. I’d been there a few times that week around this time because it unwound me and felt good at that out outside but this time when I was making my rounds I see four fucking six year old looking figures come out of the forest. These little things didn’t have a parent with them and all and seemingly stayed silhouetted. I was kind of biking in their general direction when they started fucking coming towards me.

Thankfully, I was around 200 feet away from them but I could make out them and the spooky little shits were coming. I don’t think I biked faster my entire life. I haven’t gone since, needless to say.


8. I was camping with friends. It was early in the season and we were the only ones in that section of the park. One morning I stayed in my sleeping bag in the tent while everyone else went to the facilities, which were a bit of a walk away. I dozed off again. I was awoken by someone grabbing my foot through the tent. I was groggy and assumed it was a friend playing a joke and kicked and said fuck off. My foot was grabbed again and pulled, and I kicked again pretty hard, not afraid to kick my friend who was now pissing me off.

He stopped and I dozed off again.I woke up again probably less than half an hour later and heard my friends in the distance, returning. When they got back I asked them who was the one trying to wake me up. They had no idea what I was talking about, honestly. I told them about something grabbing my foot through the tent and they thought I was trying to tell a story to scare them. I still have no idea what it was. It wasn’t even dark out at the time.


9. Heard my name when I was alone in my room one time. Heard it clear as day.


10. I heard [the same thing], and in German “Save me”. It came from my closet. It sound liked someone had a boombox in there with a recording. After I turned on all the lights in the house and grabbed a stick, I checked the closet. Nothing there. Nobody else home. I was 14.


11. When I was around 11 or so my siblings and I were all playing hide and seek in my house. Now I know under the bed is the first place you always look but for whatever reason I decided to hide under my little sisters bed in her dark room.

So I get down on the floor and squeeze under and wait for the seeker to come looking for me and as I am laying there waiting I hear a little girl giggle next to me. I could clearly see I was the only one under the bed and I was the only one in the room and I shot out from under the bed and told everyone what happened and that was the end of the game.


12. Last Mothers day I was at my Grandma’s house. My sister had just checked herself into rehab and I was feeling pretty upset about the whole thing. I went upstairs to my Grandpa’s old room (he passed away about eight years ago) and just kind of sat there for awhile. I spoke out asking for my Grandpa to look after my family during this time, and that I really needed a sign that he was there.

There was a big picture of my Uncle on the mirror in the room (taped) that all of a sudden fell off the mirror onto the floor. The door was closed, as was the window. Maybe it just fell, but the whole thing seemed very coincidental especially because my Uncle has a lot of issues with drugs when he was younger. Now he is really successful, has a beautiful family, etc. I like to think that my Grandpa moved the picture to tell me that my sister was going to be okay.


13. I was a utility locator, I used to work on a team with my dad. To find a gas service from the gas main to the house, you must connect the equipment at the gas meter. Many older homes have the gas meter in the basement. Some times, I would be the one that would connect the equipment while my dad found the gas service.

In this particular day, we get to a house that had the meter in the basement. I go up, knock on the door, the homeowner points me in the direction of the stairs to the basement. I go down and I see the gas meter in the corner with two walls built around it making it like a closet with no door. Behind the gas meter is the old crawl space halfway up the cinder block wall. No lights in the crawl space.As I step into the closet area, I hear what I can only describe as a demonic growl come from the crawl space. I step out, and call my dad. Not wanting to sound spooked, I just say I need a flash light. He hung up, I stood outside of the doorway and just reached in to hook up the equipment.My dad comes down the stairs with the flashlight, and as he steps through the door to see if I got it in the dark, that same demonic growl comes from the crawl space. He about knocked me over trying to get back. He hands me the flashlight and goes back outside.I just stood there pointing the flashlight into the crawl space with a feeling something was watching me. He calls and says he’s done. I grab the equipment as quickly as possible and got the fuck out. Don’t know what it was but it wasn’t a dog or raccoon or anything I’ve ever heard before or since.


14. This didn’t happen to me, but my sister. She was home alone and I was out at the mall with a friend. I called her to ask what t-shirt she wanted from the store I was at and she told me she was scared that there was ghost in the house. I asked what happened.

She had put a hot pocket in the microwave and gone into her room to change. While she was changing, she heard the microwave go off signaling that her hot pocket was done. We have a small house, the kitchen and living room are open and connected and her room opens to the living room. She comes out of her room to grab the hot pocket, but instead of it being in the microwave, it was out on the living room coffee table, all warmed up. If that happened to me while I was alone, I would have been out of there so fast.


15. I spoke to the ghost of my great grandmother on the Telephone. I didn’t recognize her voice because she had died over sixty years before I was born, but a very elderly sounding lady called and calmly told me to “Tell Essie it is time to come home now”. I kept telling her she had the wrong number, but she was adamant that i pass along the message. Two hours later my grandmother’s assisted living home called and told us that my grandmother (Esther) had passed away in her sleep. Her mother had died when she was 16, and Essie was my grandmother’s childhood nickname. This was 25 years ago and thinking about it still makes the hair on my neck stand on end.


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