6 thoughts on “College Student Told to ‘Find a Job or Move Out’ Decides to Kill Entire Family

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  2. College student? Hahahaha SUreeeee and not to mention: Brilliant move for a slug, kill all source of support and now end up in prison where bubba will make your doughnut his personal Pecan pie hole – And AMEN to Bubba

  3. It definitely sounds to me that the killing was carried out by the son of the houes! Nothing else makes any sense! It’s a total tragedey and one can only hope that justice will be done!

  4. This is how kids now are turning out with democrats paying them to do nothing. If they get their feelings hurt god forbid that also sets them off and I think it all started with participation awards.

  5. He is a Boy Scout? In Canada, we would NEVER have accepted him into our ranks. Lord Baden Powell would have kicked his ass to the curb. This boy is a freak of nature!

  6. And I sure would like to know what college would have accepted it. Sometimes an insane asylum can be a good thing…..

  7. Something, somewhere went terribly wrong with this young man, and apparently not only his family but his entire community missed it! How can people NOT NOTICE an Eagle Scout getting to the point of being capable of destroying his whole family?? Drugs? Mental illness? Someone was asleep at the wheel.

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