8 thoughts on “The FBI’s New Report on QAnon

  1. My question is just how many F’ing FBI Agents were in the group that entered the building on Jan 6?????? Under the leftist controlled FBI, I wouldn’t trust one of them because the agency has been compromised!

  2. correction to my post – it came a part:
    “f” the FBI – .!. They do nothing over real sedition and a coup with ANTIFA their favorites, BLM The runner Up, Islamic Terrorism on our land and a Combine threat of domestic terrorism allowed and supported by the current Government controlled puppets.
    The people you should fear are those who think like the statement they people should fear Patriots? Patriots gave us this country and fight like the corrupt and compromised FBI and their Authorized Gangs mentioned about are the ones you should detest and stand against – They are the worm in the apple, they are the mold on the cake and they are the poison that the wicked witch made for sleeping Beauty – Wake up people not woke – thats in the past

  3. Laying the cover story for the first phase of rounding up “enemies of the state”

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