7 thoughts on “High School Shooter Speaks for First Time: ‘I Feel Tremendous Shame’

  1. Keep says now that he needs to understand why he did what he did, as if he hasn’t always known. This new-found ignorance is part of the new sympathetic narrative of him being a victim of mental illness that he hopes will get him freed. Clearly that’s his goal since the legislation making that highly unlikely is described by him in this article as “soul-crushing”.

    At the time of his murders, he absolutely knew right from wrong, he planned things out, and even taped two bullets to his chest in case he used up all his ammo at the school, he’d still have two rounds for suicide at the end. He was arrested for having a gun at school and when he heard his father on the phone saying that he was going to send Kip to a military-like boot camp, he shot his dad in the back of the head.

    As for the students, he had no question of motive and a surprisingly sane-sounding rational written in his journal. Maybe he needs a reminder of what he wrote:

    “I am so full of rage that I feel I could snap at any moment. I think about it everyday. Blowing the school up or just taking the easy way out, and walk into a pep assembly with guns. In either case, people that are breathing will stop breathing. That is how I will repay all you [MFers] for all you put me through.”

    Did he have some mental illness? Apparently enough to be put on Prozac by the psychiatrist he was taken to for a previous violent crime he’d committed. But at the same time, his father bought him guns, and he plotted how to get revenge on his schoolmates for how they treated him. He had also done a school assignment describing how to build a bomb.

    If anyone was crazy at the time, it was his father and the authorities who ignored every alarm that Kip triggered prior to the school shooting and didn’t lock him up before he could play out his revenge fantasy.

    1. Its the WOKE of “What the hell” and you “ACCOUNTABILITY AND RESPONSIBILITY” and Amen he shouldn’t get out, his parents and others dont get a do over so neither should he.

  2. Kip wasn’t the first. He wasn’t even the second, or third, etc. There were multiple school shooters before him. There were school shootings in Pearl, Mississippi by 16 year old Luke Woodham, one in West Paducah, Kentucky by 14 year old Michael Carneal, and one in Jonesboro, Arkansas. And those were just in the months before Kip did his.

    The first (American) school shooter would probably be Brenda Ann Spencer in 1979. Like Kip, she exhibited signs of being mentally imbalanced. Prior to her school shooting, she had fired at school windows with a BB gun, and plotted to kill a cop. Her father also bought her a rifle after he had been advised to have her committed, which he declined to do.

    When asked why she shot people at the school, she’s alleged to have said at the time, “I don’t like Mondays,” inspiring the Boomtown Rats to write a song with that as the title. Now, of course, she says she doesn’t remember why she did it, and claims she was on drugs, though toxicology tests indicated she wasn’t on anything but hatred and rage at the school and the people there.

  3. The puke killed innocent people and no matter how old you are YOU KNOW better, As a Human you know better, even children know better and claiming he wasnt mentally right? Is NO excuse period, of course he wasnt mentally right and he still isnt, you dont just suddenly become ok when you realize you succeeded athwart you plan was and when you find out the price for doing it you become mentally unstable “THEN: Ah No – Nope Your intent was to kill as many as possible and you cant bring them back so – Sorry No Tickie no Laundry, no mulligans for you if the people you killed dont get one – Pfft

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