4 thoughts on “School Principal Charged with Making Employee Take Raunchy Photos

  1. Not the same circumstances but harassment for having principles to NOT do what others in the office seemed to be doing. It is very toxic and can affect people for life. When young and starting a career I didn’t quite understand the situation. I was blessed to have a mentor who got it “taken care of” before it got to be an office wide disaster. I didn’t think it was still happening because my experience was in the 1960s…sixty years ago…and it still upsets me.

    1. sin is sin and it sadly is present in every generation because of secrets and perversion. I hear ya and its sad that people dehumanize others. I am just not thinking thats the case here, but I wasnt there and dont know.
      I am sorry you faced the issue

  2. This poor woman should get everything she’s asking for and then some. Sad to think this is the trash educating our children.

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