3 thoughts on “The Best-Selling Self-Help Book That Inspired Charles Manson To Become a Cult Killer

  1. How stupid, blaming and or attempting to Dale Carnegie and then at the end calling Manson an Alt Right movement and racist? F U what an whole I have yet to know of or meet an Alt Right person, a real Conservative tone a killer or mad man and it was Manson a LIBERAL Democrat who was evil, sick and learned how to use people by twisting the purpose of the book. Shame on the writers and this articles author

    1. No one’s blaming Carnegie..no one can predict how someone will decipher something. Manson was already ready to do terrible thins..he was just looking for an excuse & found one in that book. Just as a bunch of zealots 9n Nov 6 were already fired up..no speech caused that. People do what people do & most people are idiots.

  2. My gosh, do you suppose trump also read it? its unfortunate sick minds are not recognized until to late, and in the meantime those that don’t know how to make decisions rely on a cult leader and are sucked into the cult.

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