Self-Described Satanist Decapitates and Dissects Cellmate

A self-described Satanist is accused of decapitating and dissecting his cellmate at a California state penitentiary with a makeshift knife, and prison guards are coming under fire after a new report is questioning why they didn’t see the grisly scene earlier.

The Los Angeles Times reports the California Inspector General’s office published two new reports on the murder of Luis Romero at Corcoran State Prison. The report claims guards said both Romero and the alleged killer, Jaime Osuna, were both alive when prison guards made their rounds on March 9, 2019. Romero, however, was allegedly already dead.

Osuna, the Satanist, reportedly has a violent history of attacking his cellmates. The report questions why Romero was placed in a cell with Osuna in the first place.

Romero’s family believes a white sheet was covering part of the cell bars, saying guards did not complete a thorough check of the cell.

Associated Press reports Assistant Kings County District Attorney Phil Esbenshade said in 2019 this was the “most gruesome case that I have ever seen in terms of heinousness in the slaying.”

It was initially reported that Romero suffered from “multiple sharp force trauma injuries,” but this new report detailed in the Los Angeles Times reveals how Romero allegedly tortured and dismembered Romero.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Osuna reportedly attached a razor-like blade to a handle. He then reportedly cut out one of Romero’s eyes, a finger, and sliced his rib and lung. Osuna also allegedly cut off Romero’s head and sliced his mouth to make it look like Romero was smiling.

Osuna was reportedly found wearing a necklace composed of Romero’s body parts.

Esbenshade said in 2019, “We do believe that the victim was conscious during at least a portion of the time.”

Osuna had reportedly been deemed a “high-risk” inmate and had been found with hatchets and weapons in his cell. On a previous occasion, he reportedly went into another cell and attacked an inmate, causing the man to require 67 stitches in his face.

The inspector general’s report called the prison’s internal affairs investigation of the situation “poor.”

Osuna was transferred to Salinas Valley State Prison for their psychiatric inpatient program. He was deemed not competent to stand trial for Romero’s death.

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  1. California government “leadership” has demonstrated its more interested in protecting criminals than Americans. That man should have been in solitary or in a mental institution. Is this one of the criminals Newsom et al would like to put back on the streets?

  2. Depending on his previous crimes he probably should have been (or now should be) executed).

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