4 thoughts on “Lies They Taught You In School

  1. Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit is true at sea level, but is a simplification. I had a “discussion” with a coworker about the fact that at higher elevations water boils at lower temperatures. My dad found this out experientially in Denver Colorado trying to get coffee hot enough to satisfy his sea level coffee drinking habit. He always thought the restaurant’s were at fault, which occasionally was true, but mostly it was the altitude of Denver to blame.

  2. You missed a huge one that FDR’s New Deal saved the country from the depression. FDR turned what should have been a 2~3 yr depression into 10~15 yr depression. It was the first time the government tried to fix the economy and it was a dismal failure. The economy didn’t recover until after WWII when the federal government drastically cut spending. Now every time the economy turns down the gov tries to fix it and only succeeds in piling more and more debt on future generations.

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