Woman Travels Across The Country To Meet The Love Of Her Life… But It’s No Fairy Tale

Author Rebecca Renner is the subject of criticism right now after flying across the country from Florida to Oregon to announce her love to the person of her dreams, only to be rejected, in what’s now being touted as a bad attempt at a “forced viral moment.”

Last Friday, author Rebecca Renner tweeted a photograph from the airport describing how, after a “sudden tragedy,” she decided to get on a plane and fly across the country to tell the love of her life how she felt. The now-deleted tweet quickly gained thousands of likes and numerous comments voicing their support for her journey, still viewable through the Wayback Machine.


— Katherine D. Morgan | Forever a Bookseller💁🏾‍♀️ (@blktinabelcher) May 21, 2021

i’m so happy for her. i’ve never been lucky on finding love. i mean i love my friends like family but to have that one special person in your life, nope. so i trust the universe will find me that person whom we both get it.

— Sage Christian Drake (@CINEMASAGE) May 22, 2021

The next day, the journey came to a sudden and tragic end when Renner made a tweet from her hotel room in Oregon announcing that she’d been rejected.

Although she received overwhelming support at the time the event was happening, the Twitter tides turned on Renner following her rejection. Many accused her of trying to spin a viral moment in order to sell her recently released book Gator Country. A story from the New York Post featuring an interview from Renner only helped fan the flames, as she reveals that she and the man she went to confess her love to, Francois Wolmarans, had briefly dated earlier in the year and broken up. This put the whole story in a slightly different light for many, changing it from a love story to something else entirely.

And y’all were really in the comments talking about some “this is the greatest love story ever written.” Look inward.

— Brandon (@blgtylr) May 23, 2021

Rebecca Renner claming she didn’t mean for her thread to go viral, naming her ex in the same article then saying she was working on forgiving him has big Hannah Horvath/Lena Dunham energy. The narcissism is breathtaking. pic.twitter.com/ypuXCdg5ft

— Ace (@acelikethunder) May 24, 2021

Stories like the Rebecca Renner one are the reason I use this app. Obnoxious journalist hankering for a book deal stalks an ex across America, gets rejected, sells the story to the NY Post, gets absolutely rinsed by everyone as a result. Pure endorphin-rush, absolutely love it

— em dash fan account (@KJHego) May 24, 2021

Since becoming the brunt of so much criticism, Renner has deleted the tweets documenting her journey. Yesterday, she announced that she would be taking a month-long break from Twitter to grieve “an incredibly hard personal loss,” likely referring to the “sudden tragedy” that sparked the journey to begin with. Her followers quickly flocked to the comments to share their condolences for her and give her words of encouragement.

I’m taking a break from Twitter. I flew across the country because someone I love died suddenly, to see a person who said he would comfort me. I made a mistake, especially in tweeting it. You win. Now I have to go grieve an incredibly hard personal loss. See you in a month.

— Rebecca Renner (@RebeccaRennerFL) May 24, 2021

If it’s any consolation, you made a lot of people feel better & more hopeful because of your boldness and your openness. It’s a gift. You are an excellent writer and have a truly engaging Twitter feed. I especially like the way you encourage other writers. Take care!

— DCTBlackwell (@dctblackwell) May 24, 2021

Twitter done you dirty. You took a risk by following your heart and sharing your saga, and the denizens of this bird site shit all over you. You deserve better. Know we support you and understand the reason for your break. Take care of yourself and be well.

— Eric Avedissian (@angryreporter) May 24, 2021

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