1 thought on “Prison Guards Falsified Records about Night of Jeffrey Epstein’s Death

  1. So if this was a regular person at there job they would be terminated not rewarded this is why police and guards a reviewed the way they are but most deaths are covered up by them and out proven system turns away it very easy for these cricked judges to give them the easy way out not you or me this is great for them they get there pay keep there job and benefits this isn’t the first time this has happened and won’t be the last I know first hand I have over 7500 documents signed by guards and FLE agency where guards falsified document under oath statement example he was never given Tylenol to yes I did and no one did anything he died with over 10,000+ which is toxic poisoning my heart is broken he died 7!days later oh just so you understand in protected custody and blind so he could not get it on his own sad I am still paying the terrible cost to bring him home and dying everyday with a broken heart and now dying myself with kidney failure the only justice if in Gods hand

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