4 thoughts on “Prince Harry Slams His Father on the Way He was Raised

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  2. Those two should be left alone. They too should stop seeking the limelight if they really want their children to have different lives than their public ones.

  3. the best part if this interview review !!! is the ladt part where Nadame Tussauds has moved these two ver to the Hollywood section —-well deserved
    Bad mouthing one parents in public is disloyal & I personally find reprensible ugh

    1. I agree with you. Ungrateful little boy who can’t see his own faults but blames other people for his issues. He needs to just go away with the witch and the kids never to be heard of again!

  4. I love Harry for how he speaks out how things really are and how they were, smart boy . I wish him and Meghan and their children a very happy life away from all the royal ways .

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