‘Designated’ Driver Gets Drunk and Hits Three Parked Cars

Maybe she meant designated drunk?

A Florida woman was arrested after hitting three parked cars before the automobile she was driving burst into flames, according to Port St. Lucie police.

The alleged drunk driver was supposed to have been acting responsibly that night, according to her statement to cops. Port St. Lucie Police Department Melanie Esclera allegedly told cops she was the designated driver.

“The driver of the vehicle had a blood alcohol level that registered twice the legal limit,” the Port St. Lucie Police Department wrote on Facebook. “The driver stated she was supposed to be the ‘DD’ … aka Designated Driver.”

Police report that the alleged drunk driver’s engine well started afire, but officers quickly extinguished the flames. CBS News identified the driver as 40-year-old Melanie Esclera. She allegedly had a bottle of Rebel Yell Bourbon in her car.

The series of crashes occurred around 1 a.m. Sunday. The woman allegedly told police she had just left a bar. Despite an arrest photo of the suspect that implies otherwise, CBS reported that no one was injured.

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